U.S. Southeastern Premiere Announcement

A huge congratulations to the "Cake" team! "Cake" has been accepted into the Nashville Film Festival Graveyard Shift Shorts Competition! With all the "Cake" news these days, I want to take a moment to recognize our cast, crew, and post team!

Victoria Negri for being an all star Producer and the one who kept me sane! Cory Maffucci and Josh Haslup for not only gaffing/grip/swinging on set but also for being generous associate producers with their company CineSlinger, LLC! Don Downie, our incredible DP, for pushing me to analyze how to tell the story visually, for all his efforts and contributions on set, and for his ability to always make me laugh. Jose Del C Martinez for generously providing equipment for our shoot! To the stars Daniella Rabbani Sirkin and Thomas Dane, thank you for their bravery in taking these roles, their immense talent, and making me feel comfortable as a partner in acting with them and as their director. Jessica Kostelnick who is so naturally talented in all things art and design. Thank you for making the "Cake" vision and world come to life! Gene Back, our killer composer, who was so patient and trusting in our collaboration. Thank you so much for taking risks with me and your genius! Jaclyn Gramigna Stacey Maltin Shirlyn J-Hippo Wong 3 amazing and whip smart women who had my back. Averi Rasmussen keeping us pretty! :p Brett Checkelsky for keeping us in focus!
Malcolm Callaghan for keeping us lit! Ryan Dann for making sure we were all heard! Brittany Prater for making the most glorious vagina dentata sculpture that will ever exist in film. Artists Aaron Wei and Michelle Silver for donating their art for the film. Our Art PA's Adam Lim and Jessica Currie for busting their asses. Set photographers Jason Chew and Ane Marcelino.  Ashley Gouthro you drive a mean van. Migs Estrada for creating the dopest poster that grabs people's eyes no matter where I go. Ari Rothschild for his incredible eye and sense of color. Thank you Mike Barnett, Kelly Bray, Shandy Tam for not only their craft but for dealing with me in my crazed state at the end of post production. Sound Designers & Mixers Erich Rettermayer and Josh Berger for elevating "Cake"'s comedy through sound. To the Niki Barr Band and manager Mike Marucci for the "Sex Fiend" anthem at the end of the film.

We're going to Nashville!!!