The Washington Post Reviews "Cake"!!!

Holy smokes!!!  If you'd have asked me if I have ever thought we'd be in the Washington Post, I'd probably think you were pulling my leg.  But dreams do come true!  Film critic Alan Zilberman wrote a stunning review of "Cake" for The Washington Post!

Highlights from the review:

"Through objectification, “Cake” forces its audience to ask what it means when Asian women are endlessly fetishized. Most directors use their camera to expand their vision, inviting multiple meanings. Hu does the opposite, and her sullen eyes imbue “Cake” with the red-hot focus of a laser."

"Based on the strength of her short film, Hu just might become the latest cinematic force to be reckoned with."

A huge thank you goes to Alan Zilberman for speaking to me about stereotypes.  Thanks also to Tom Grahsler for connecting us.

To read the FULL ARTICLE, click HERE.